Be the change you want to see in the world.

How can one define oneself? 

How can one constraint oneself to a handful of dimensions when the reality is so much more complex?

Several versions of the same inner truth- we all are a subtle alliance of different shades of grey, weaving into an ever-changing picture. We live, we learn. At times we conform and comply, at others rebel and demand in our never-ending quest for fulfillment and happiness.

Who am I ?

I am a French woman, splitting her life between London and Hong-Kong.

I am a finance professional who used to enjoy doing deals, defining strategies and creating value in the safety of a corporate environment.

I was a pure product of Corporate America, in the span of 10 years I rose from analyst to Global CFO of the business unit of one of the Big Oil companies, and recently decided to join the entrepreneurship movement.

I am a writer and a columnist exploring the concepts of human potential, innovation and  entrepreneurship.

I thrive on meeting diverse people and learning from them, with them.

I am a connector getting energised by creating networks and sharing them with  others.

I am passionate about people, helping them building confidence and courage to reach their goals.

I am a person with ideas to express, stories to share, lessons to learn.

With this blog, the writing, the speaking, I want to be a catalyst- an idea and a change catalyst-  to inspire, create a call for change for a better world. 

So read me, write with me, contact me.